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Dr. Mike Birch joined Hunter Eye Surgeons in 2015 after 15 years as a consultant Ophthalmologist in the UK.

Mike held a teaching hospital public appointment in Newcastle upon Tyne specialising in glaucoma and cataract. Professionally glaucoma seemed a good addition to the expertise of the other ophthalmologists in the group.

Mike’s wife spent time at school in Victoria, so after a week visiting Dr. Peter Davies and family they were very open to the idea of a move and have loved being in Australia since 2015. 

Mike is experienced in all aspects of glaucoma diagnosis, laser and surgical treatment and glaucoma monitoring. He also has a background in glaucoma research with over 40 published scientific papers, including a 2013 European journal of Ophthalmology article on Transcleral diode laser ciliary cyclophotocoagulation.

A new cyclodiode laser is being installed in the day theatre at “The Newcastle Eye Hospital” adding a useful alternative treatment option for the subset of patients with glaucoma refractory or unsuitable for other treatments.


Along with iridotomy, iridoplasty and SLT the full range of glaucoma laser management options are available across the practices.

For those patients requiring glaucoma drainage surgery Mike has a long established track record with trabeculectomy or tube shunt surgery.


He is also experienced cataract surgeon including complicated cataract associated with glaucoma and cataract surgery combined with drainage surgery and more recently cataract surgery combined with i-Stent.

Coming from the UK national health service Mike is also a comprehensively trained general ophthalmologist and familiar with assessing eye emergencies and urgent/semi urgent referrals.

Dr Mike Birch

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