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Our mission statement is simple: Your vision is our vision.  

Our vision is to restore your vision.  We fight blindness.  We fight blindness for our community, one eye at a time.

What does that mean in practice?

Every day, patients come to see us, and every day, moment by moment, one eye at a time, we do everything possible to ensure our patients have the best possible care, leading to the best possible outcomes for their vision. 

Cataract surgery is the main way that we fulfil our vision, and restore your vision.  Almost everyone lives long enough to need cataract surgery at some stage.


Most eye disease is treatable.   Early diagnosis and treatment is essential for the best outcome. Being available to see you in an emergency, when your symptoms have just started, is essential for your outcome, and your peace of mind.  That is why we commit to having short waiting times for appointments.  It is the moral duty of any health service.  

A big part of our vision is not to turn patients away.  It is often not easy.  Often emergencies come in groups.  Sometimes our regular patients need to wait, and be patient, whilst we rescue eye sight for someone else.  


We do not assume that there is "someone else down the road" that you can go and see because we are too busy for you.   If your optometrist or doctor says that you need us, we are never too busy. 


Providing the highest level of care for our patients and ensuring we are always available for emergencies is our priority. In order to ensure we can fulfill our commitment to our patients, we created a team of highly skilled doctors, who are able to care for patients every day.  

Another part of our vision is to be able to handle the most difficult eye problems.  So in our team we have doctors with sub-specialty skills.  

Some of the most serious problems affect the back of the eye, such as macula degeneration, and retinal detachment.  These patients need urgent treatment, on the same day.   So we have staff and systems able to care for these urgent patients.  And our team includes two retinal surgeons, so there is always a retinal surgeon available to rescue the most serious eye emergencies.

This was our vision, to form a comprehensive eye hospital, able to care for the community of the Hunter Valley.

We established Newcastle Eye Hospital in 2009.  And we are still here 14 years later!
That was our vision, to raise the standard of care in the Hunter Valley.  


And it still is.  Tell us how we are going.  Click here.  

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