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Dr Anthony Hall

Anthony has been a Consultant VR surgeon at Hunter Eye Surgeons since coming to Australia in 2011.

He was born in Lesotho. A graduate of the University of Zimbabwe he completed a Masters in General Medicine designed to equip provincial medical officers with the skills to manage a wide range of conditions including emergency Caesarean sections. (By the time he had completed training in Ophthalmology he still had performed more Caesarean sections than cataracts.) During this MGenMed training, exposure to ophthalmology sparked an interest that took him back to Lesotho to run a small eye programme. The interest grew and he spent 12 years in the UK training as an ophthalmologist and Vitreoretinal surgeon - working as a Consultant in Peterborough. 


Anthony went to Tanzania in 2000 with Christian Blind Mission. He was Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Tanzania from 2000 to 2011. The fledgling training programme grew during this period to become an IAPB Carl Zeiss regional training centre. Ophthalmologists from as far afield as Mali Rwanda and the Congo were trained at KCMC. KCMC became a founder member of the East African College of Ophthalmologists, (now COECSA) unifying training standards across Eastern Africa.

He established a Vitreoretinal fellowship training programme, training surgeons from all over Africa. He worked closely with Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology and is a KCCO Board Director.


He maintains an active interest in International Development work in Ophthalmology. He was chair of RANZCO’s International Development Committee. RANZCO seeks to develop educational and training opportunities to build a skilled and sustainable ophthalmic workforce to meet the eyecare needs in the Asia-Pacific region. He was a Director of Vision2020 Australia for 3 years (2017-19). He is currently a Director of the Fred Hollows Foundation and a member of the FHF Programmes and Partnerships committee.

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